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Southern Pride


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Michelle...Howdy!!! Whats up? We've been thru a LOT but ur STILL my BESTEST friend in the whole world!!! I hope u and Dustin STAY together FOREVER!!!! Hey, when ur down alwayz remember I'm here for u and Even Angels Need A Lift!!!! LuV yA sIs!!!!

Wurtzburger...Howdy!!! Glad we started talkin!!!! I cant wait till ya get ur license!!!! We can FINALLY hang out!!!! LOL!! L8er T8er!!!!

Anna...Hey gurl!!! Glad we started hangin out!!!! U need to find a guy to STAY with (NOT Jarrid!!!!) LOL!!!! LYLAS!!!

Dew...Howdy!!! Ur like a bro to me so....if ya ever need sumthin just holler!!!!!! o yea by the way......U r DEFINATLY Michelles LIFE!!! Please keep her happy!!!!!!!! Bye Cod!!!!

All my friends at Auburn...Hey yall!!! Thanks for always bein here for me!! If yall ever need nethang..give me a call!!!!





Yall Come Bak Now!! Ya Hear??

L8er T8er!!!

Git -R- Done!!!